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Real green energy!

In 1950 the foundation for the Bewa Group Moerdijk was founded by a farmer with three pigs. He gave these pigs remnants of milk from the factory in Leiden, where he worked and collected potato peels and other remnants of food. The livestock flourished and when it grew too large, the founder Van Benten moved to Waddinxveen. The name “Van Benten Ophaaldienst” was renamed to Bewa (Van Benten Waddinxveen).

Besides to leftovers from food Van Benten also started to collect fats. This was melted and made suitable for animal feed. This activity expanded at a rapid pace. At one point Bewa left the agriculture and became a fully industrial corporation. This was a reason to move to another location once again. Henry van Benten, the now CEO of Bewa, decided to sell over 1.000 pigs in 1992 and move the company to the Industrial area of Moerdijk.

He chose for this location because of it’s convenient positioning to the highways and the port of Moerdijk. Not only restaurants, hospitals and factories in The Netherlands transport their waste to Bewa, even companies from Germany, Belgium and France find their way to the innovative company in Moerdijk.



Weighing Machine

To precicely determine which quantities are loaded or unloaded on our property Bewa features two so called “Weighing bridges”
Not only direct relationships of Bewa use this scale, third parties are allowed to use it too.

If interested, please contact us.




The Bewa Groep Moerdijk consists of four companies:

Organic Material Recycling Moerdijk B.V. (OMR Moerdijk B.V.), The part of Bewa which processes organic leftovers for the digester, with the aim of producing electricity and heat.

-Vetveredeling Moerdijk B.V. For the processing of used frying fats and oils collected from snack bars, restaurants and factories, which can be reused by the biodiesel industry.

-Diervoederbewerking Moerdijk B.V. For the processing of potatoe products trough heating for the animal feed industry.

-Bewa Tank Terminal Moerdijk B.V. For the rental of tanks for storage and handling of liquid products.