OMR processes organic materials (food waste) to green electricity and heat using a biomass fermentation. Bacteria live in the biomass fermentation set-up, these bacteria eat the organic waste to produce biogass. This biogass is a fuel for heat and power (CHP) with which the electricity is produced along with residual heat. Until the end of 2000, the commodities were used as animal feed. However, new regulations has prompted the OMR to an alternative market for these resources. OMR turned towards a useful, sustainable and innovative solution for these materials.. The heat produced from the raw material which are no longer suitable for food and feed is reused for heating purposes, both internally (sister companies) and externally (adjacent businesses). A loop has been constructed with the means of moving the heat from the process, to the companies requiring the heat. The products can be delivered by various means of transport, (un)packed in trash, or in bulk containers.

BEWA engages in the supply of raw materials to the biodiesel industry We are currently assessing plans trough our subsidiary company S.E.S. International B.V. to start producing biodiesel ourselves.