The dock with underfloor heating

In cooperation with Drecht Coating Services (DCS) the Bewagroep constructed a dock on the Appelweg on the industrial terrain of Moerdijk.

This dock for seafaring vessels isn’t just any dock, but is equipped with underfloor heating! It might sound luxurious and environmentally unfriendly, it is in fact quite the opposite.

With the heat released from the production of electricity Bewa can offer heat to the neighbouring DCS’ dock trough underfloor heating. This heating is produced by the neighbour. Because of this, Bewa does noet unnecessarily heat the horizon, DCS gets a lower energy bill and even with heavy snow and icing, loading and unloading of ships can continue normally. In addition the warehouses of DCS are also heated with residual heat from Bewa

The construction of the dock heating.

Not only immediate neighbours benefit from the environmental friendly solution, the indirect neighbour of Bewa, Bolsius (a known candle producer), uses the residual heat to warm their storage tanks.

IF paraffin (the raw material for candles) solidifies within the pipes they will be completely clogged, by warming these pipes with residual heat the need for “normal” gas is reduced, allowing Bolsius to save on their energy bill.

With this, Bewa Moerdijk guarantees innovation and cooperation!